Charise Strandberg

Social Media Marketer * Corporate Event Planner * Google+ Instructor

Hello! Thank you for visiting! My name is Charise Strandberg. I am a Social Media Marketer and Strategist, Corporate Event Planner and Google+ instructor and currently Director of Marketing at Digalign in Tampa, Florida.

With over 24 years in the corporate world, 7 years in Social Media, and 10 years in event planning, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of helping both small and large businesses grow their businesses both offline and in the online community.

Prior to my consulting business, I worked for over 9 years at the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce as the Director of Small Business and Events, which allowed me to strategically plan and direct events both small and large. My goal was to provide value for the members through educational programs and recognition with events such as The Small Business of the Year. As I started to build the social media platform for the Chamber, I quickly realized how important it was for businesses to have a presence online.

Prior to Digalign, I worked for Celestar Corporation in which I helped develop their overall marketing strategy through social media, app development, re-branding, and events such as Guy Kawasaki in Tampa.


I realize that most businesses know that the need to have a presence online but are very overwhelmed and confused as to where to start, how to take it to the next level, or how to strategize. In addition, many have events or should consider doing events for extra exposure.

If you want to hire me for speaking, consulting, event planning or are looking for online social media services, please complete the contact form so I can better understand your needs and how I can help your overall marketing goals. In order to be successful, you must have a plan. I can help you achieve just that!