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Here are some samples from my last event with Guy Kawasaki.

As an experienced corporate event planner, my role is to make your event a success. With over 10 years experience in planning both small and large events for businesses, I understand all the logistics and planning that are necessary in pulling off an event that will increase your brand reputation. A successful corporate event helps companies build strong relationships with their stakeholders, including employees, customers, sponsors, members, and the media.


As a Corporate event planner and business owner in the event industry (, I can help your company organize and manage a wide range of events, including seminars, keynote speakers, annual meetings, employee or industry award ceremonies and customer social events.


Effective organizational skills are essential for a good event planner. I’m able to handle many different tasks, often under severe time pressure. Good interpersonal and communication skills, a sense of prioritization and establishing timelines are all my strengths and important when planning events. I’ve worked with keynote speakers, agents, CEOs, members, sponsors and teams. I possess the ability to give clear instructions and motivate everyone involved in order to deliver results.



My experience in event planning includes 9 years of running the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year event as well as three monthly educational programs, Women of Influence lunches and Series. In addition, I orchestrated Guy Kawasaki in Tampa for a corporation and most recently assisted Bright House Networks on their Regional Small Business Awards.

As a corporate event planner, I understand all the different aspects of event planning including speaker recruitment, venue selection, registration, marketing, AVI and all other logistics. I’m able to develop and manage an event from start to finish and orchestrate all the activities in between.


Marketing is an important component in planning your event. This includes traditional marketing (flyers, emails, newsletters, etc.) as well as online marketing (press releases, social media, blogging, etc.). In order to maximize attendance, it’s necessary to put together a plan to incorporate all of these marketing tactics so you are consistently touching all potential attendees.

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