Google+ Training, Coaching and Consulting

Are you curious about Google Plus but not sure where to start? Maybe you’ve signed up but don’t know what to do next? Or perhaps you’ve been overwhelmed with another social network and have no time to figure it out?

As someone who has been on Google Plus from day one of its launch, I now consider it my favorite and most beneficial network. Why? Because it has done enormous things for my personal brand, allowed me to meet new and exciting people and join communities that are of interest to me such as photography, music, sports and technology. Not to mention Hangouts, YouTube integration, circling, and incredible search functionality. It’s all of the other networks rolled into one.

Why is Google Plus so powerful? It’s simple. It is the “social layer” of Google and therefore uses content published on Google+ to increase your rankings as an individual or business. What makes Google Plus so valuable for small businesses is the fact that Google continues to weigh this particular social network much more than others. When you post on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, it typically confines your content to that site. With Google Plus, your posts and content are seen by Google and crawled, indexed and ranked in search.

One of my pet peeves is the fact the people continue to compare social networks when in fact each of them offers unique opportunities. Google Plus should be used in addition to other social networking sites and serve as an important part of your SEO and overall marketing strategy.

gplusMy personal success story with Google Plus is one of the many reasons I believe that it shouldn’t be ignored. With over 28,000 followers and 15 million views, it certainly has been inspiring and made me eager to share the benefits. If you are hoping to rank higher in Google without buying ads, interested in learning why you should have a presence, and learn all the tips and techniques, I can help you jumpstart your Google Plus strategy.

If you hope to gain an advantage over your competition by being an early adopter, it’s not too late. The time is now. If you are ready, then contact me today!

In the meantime, if you are already on G+ and want to increase your engagement, check out this cool infographic by Martin Shervington.

Source: Plus Your Business